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Is Sri Lanka Safe to Visit? 7 Things to be Aware of!

If you are thinking about visiting Sri Lanka and are concerned about your safety, here are some great insights from an American couple currently living with their four young children in Sri Lanka! We’ll answer your question about Sri Lanka’s safety in general, as well as give you tips for 7 things that you should be aware of on your trip.

Best Times To Visit Sri Lanka

Whether you knew it or not, the weather is the top factor to consider before setting out on your 3-hour tour or cross-world flight. Unlike most other Asian destinations, Sri Lanka boasts the unique claim to being a year-round holiday destination. The amazing thing about Sri Lanka is that the island has perfect weather somewhere waiting for you to enjoy almost all year long.

7 Simple Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is Not India!

So many people know about India, yet there are far more people that don’t know about Sri Lanka or the many gems which it has to offer that are different from India. This hidden gem is now discoverable and there are many reasons why this destination is one of the most sought-after adventures for vacationers. We hope you choose to explore this treasure in the near future.


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