Top 10 sites in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon, island of the Cheras. After gaining independence, Ceylon’s name was changed to Sri Lanka. Ceylon tea is a staple of the island and Ceylon gives it an ancient name that is filled with timeless history. Named as an Island of Serendipity, with a chance for a happy time, it is a very fitting name for this island.

Sri Lanka also goes by other names. The Pearl of the Indian Ocean is another common one. Known by the locals as, “Muthu Ataya”, or “My Pearl”. A lovely pearl it is. Sri Lanka is full of ancient history, timeless temples, and beautiful beaches.

Besides Sri Lanka’s rich heritage and beautiful landscape, the people of Sri Lanka are incredibly lovely. They will not hesitate to show you their beautiful island pearl.

There is much to learn from Sri Lanka. This is why we have compiled the Top 10 Sites in Sri Lanka.

Top 5 Do’s and Don’ts in Sri Lanka

With so many new sights, sounds, aromas and people you will encounter, how will you avoid making disastrous cultural mistakes? Here are my top 5 Do’s & Don’ts!

  • Do respect the “way of life”

The majority of Sri Lankans are Buddhist numbering over 70%, and the majority of them practice Theravada Buddhism which is viewed as the “lesser vehicle” of Buddhism. This type of Buddhism is more conservative than Mahayana or the “greater vehicle” version of Buddhism. We should also mention here that nationals do not view Buddhism as a religion but simply a way of life. Theravada is practiced by over 100 million people in the world in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Sri Lanka.

Theravada Buddhism draws its teaching from the Tipitaka or Pali canon which virtually every Buddhist scholar concedes were the earliest teachings of the Buddha in the Pali language. Couple this with the fact it is believed the Buddha visited many sites in Sri Lanka, and you can begin to understand why the Buddha is so revered. While Buddha was a man born in what is today modern Nepal, he was “enlightened” at which time he began to spread his teachings.

A Guide to Sri Lankan Food

Some people say, “variety is the spice of life” but Sri Lankan’s live by it. Their cuisine has been largely shaped by the surrounding countries such as Indonesia and India but also from the Dutch and British during their reigns of the island. Different areas in Sri Lanka have dishes they specialize in, so when you journey around this beautiful land, don’t miss an opportunity to try as much as you can!

Many of our curry dishes contain no less than 10 – 12 spices per dish! This creates a variety of tasty and flavorful dishes that you’ll want to experience. While everyone has their favorite varieties of curry with more or less coconut milk making more or less gravy, dry and wet curries you’ll be sure to find a favorite new dish during your adventures.

7 Simple Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is Not India!

Many people wonder, “What are the actual differences between Sri Lanka and India?” In this blog post I will give you 7 Reasons Why Sri Lanka Is Not India.

So many people know about India, yet there are far more people that don’t know about Sri Lanka or the many gems which it has to offer that are different from India.

Think of Sri Lanka as a hidden gem that is overlooked by others because it is a smaller nation and less recognizable on the worlds scale. Sri Lankas past may be full of conflict, war, struggle, and difficulties; however, it’s a new day now and now Sri Lanka was just ranked by “Lonely Planet” as the top tourist destination in 2019. In recent years, conflicts have ceased, and the tourism industry has blossomed.

5 Adventure Excursions That Won’t Disappoint!

If you have a passion for adventure, then Sri Lanka is the place for you! This small, yet diverse island is loaded with a variety of excursions ranging from beach activities, to spectacular mountain climbs and exhilarating river rafting. Here are my top 5 with tips that won’t disappoint!

Best Times To Visit Sri Lanka

When is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

Whether you knew it or not, the weather is the top factor to consider before setting out on your 3-hour tour or cross-world flight.

With two separate monsoon seasons in play, here’s all you need in order to plan your incredible getaway with the perfect weather tailored to your preference.

Unlike most other Asian destinations, Sri Lanka boasts the unique claim to being a year-round holiday destination. The amazing thing about Sri Lanka is that the island has perfect weather somewhere waiting for you to enjoy almost all year long. It may be monsoon season on one side of the island, but fortunately you can leave your umbrella behind, and take a short trip to the opposite coast where you’ll be lounging in a hammock along a sunny white sand beach.